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Indie film placement

Vinyl Station, a local acoustic duo here in Phoenix just got some tunes placed in an upcoming indie film called Ashes of Eden. Michael produced the cuts written by Matthew Thornton at The Music Lab in Scottsdale. We're pretty excited about this great news. 

Dina Preston Band

“I Can’t Wait” is The Dina Preston Band's newest release written in honor of their upcoming U.S. Embassy Tour to Budapest. The band’s touring highlight includes a patriotic performance in Debrecen, Hungary to commemorate September 11. The band will also perform in Budapest, Eger and the city of Pecs. (Writers: Dina Preston-Ortiz, Don Ortiz & Michael Terry)

Vinyl Station

The core of Vinyl Station is Matthew Thornton and Brendon Cottrell, a guitar based duo out of Phoenix,AZ. We produced this record over the span of about a year and a half due to the band's extremely busy schedule. The tunes are infectious as is Matthew's vocal delivery, and Brendon's harmony fills out the vocal mix...... with the help of Michael's keyboards, the other musicians include Scott Kusmirek and Jim Atkins on drums, Tyler James on Banjo, and Roger Singleton on guitar. The new CD is available on itunes........ download a copy..... a very cool record.

Brian Demarco..... Living Above the Line

A great new CD from Brian Demarco is out and available on itunes. 12 new original cuts from the talented singer/songwriter from Phoenix. The record features Gary Ferguson and Ron James on drums ,John Willis, Mario Mendivil, and Dave Anderson on bass, Adam Armijo on guitars, Mike Smith on pedal steel, Peter Anderegg on cello, Tyler James on banjo, and Lisa Gridley on vocals. Featured here is cut #2, Big Idea.

String arrangements for Tora Fisher CD

Michael had the pleasure of doing string arrangements for Tora Fisher's new CD. Featured here is a cut entitled "Better Without Me".
The CD is produced by Michael Mugrage and Tora with Seth Glassman on bass, Frank Vilardi on drums and Michael Mugrage on guitars.
Stay tuned for more of this great artist.

Eddie Elliott

Eddie Elliott's CD is done and out on the market. Eddie is a voice to be reckoned with........ no question. This CD covers the complete spectrum of Eddie's "from the heart" writing style from haunting ballads about a night in "Key West" to a rousing anthem about the year to come in "This is our Year". His intimate style and voice captures you from the opening lines of  "House".

Artist of the heart: Frannie Faith

This record was a tough one to catagorize. It has all the hooks of a great pop record but the spiritual message of a meditation type record. Frannie Faith really broke the mold here and it was a real pleasure to track and mix it. Produced by Frannie and her husband Jeff Southworth of Hall and Oates fame, Michael mixed it with Jeff and Frannie back in early 2010. To hear more about the record and of course purchase it, go to Frannie's website Included here is a clip from the song "Inner Sound"

New Original Song Placement

This tune, "Everything But You" was recently placed in the ABC daytime series, "All My Children" It was written by Michael and the artist Tarah Leveen. It was produced at The Music Lab by Michael.

Lamone ........... new CD coming soon

Lamome has got a new CD coming out ( and we've got a little preview of one of the cuts we mixed here in AZ. This cut, "Coco Brown" features Lamone on vocals and Jay Rowe on keys.

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