Michael Terry has over 30 years experience as a one on one private instructor. He teaches piano and guitar with an emphasis on the practical application of these instruments. In other words, Michael teaches you how to make a living in music. Michael has been in the music business trenches for 35 years, performing as a soloist, in bands, and playing and singing on literally thousands of jingle dates, record dates, and film and TV cue dates.

Being a hands on producer in the studio for the past 25 years Michael also offers one on one lessons in music production. Michael teaches all of the Mac OS sequencers be it Pro Tools, Logic or Digital Performer. Learn how to track, mix and master your next tune or tv cue and make it competitive in the market. We can use skype to communicate if you don't live in the Phoenix area. Long distance lessons!

Michael also  coaches singers with the emphasis on studio recording techniques , phrasing, pitch, harmony stacking etc.