Reel: Original Songs

Here’s the deal with original songs: first of all, they don’t get sold, they get cut. If I cut your song, you probably won’t make much money. If Kenny Chesney cuts your song that’s a whole new ballgame. However the money a songwriter used to make on record sales is way down because of the obvious; there aren't many cds being sold anymore. So songwriters make their money on airplay. And the bad news is the radio airwaves are pretty tightly controlled by very specific playlists, except small town stations, college stations, etc.

Our best chance of getting airplay is television and film. There are many many producers out there constantly looking for inexpensive music for their tv shows or films and I’ve written many that sure enough wind up earning money on my BMI statement. There are also song libraries out there that place material on shows. They want a piece of the publishing but hey, do what you need to do to get the song exposed.

We will work within your budget to produce a broadcast ready vocal or instrumental piece. On this page you will find many songs that I have produced and have been placed in tv land.


Titlesort icon Artist/Client Description
Wild One Dawn Jameson

I heard Dawn sing for the first time at Mastros steakhouse up in North Scottsdale and was blown away..... great singer, great entertainer, and a great songwriter. We did this at The Music Lab a few months back. Adam Armijo on guitars. For more info about Dawn, check out her website......

Brave Jesse Terry


This tune was produced here at The Music Lab for  Masville Music in Nashville, TN. Written by Jesse Terry and Dan Murph and performed by Singer-songwriter Jesse Terry.  Jesse's CD The Runner is available on itunes......... to hear more of Jesse's music go to .........

Come on Down to the House Eddie Elliott


Eddie Elliott's CD is done and out on the market. Eddie is a voice to be reckoned with........ no question. This CD covers the complete spectrum of Eddie's "from the heart" writing style from haunting ballads about a night in "Key West" to a rousing anthem about the year to come in "This is our Year". His intimate style and voice captures you from the opening lines of  "House". Quite a few years in the making, this CD includes performances by drummer Gary Ferguson, Mario Mendevil, Teneia Sanders, Kimberly Regets and many others. Included here is a clip from House......... for more info go to     

Don't Hesitate Nick Heward


A new tune from Phoenix based singer-songwriter Nick Heward........... "Don't Hesitate"

Everything But You Tahra Leveen

This tune has gotten placed a number of times over the past two years on various soaps............... co written with the artist Tahra Leveen.

Hold Me Now Melissa Salandra

This tune, "Hold Me Now" was written by Michael Mugrage and Katherine Davies........ produced and mixed by Michael at The Music Lab. It features the artist Melissa Salandra who is now pursuing an acting/singing career in the New York City area. Stay tuned for more of Melissa............

Holdin' My Tongue Jesse Terry

Here's a clip of a new Jesse Terry tune that we did last fall in Arizona. To hear more of Jesse's music check out