Reel: TV & Film

Below are many samples of my work as a TV/Film composer/orchestrator.


Title Film Name Network/Studio Namesort icon Audio Sample
Wild West Alaska Theme Wild West Alaska Animal Planet
North Woods Law theme North Woods Law Animal Planet
Fire In The Hole Court TV Court TV
In The Ropes Rythm In The Ropes ESPN
Redbird Mission Kentuckey Basketball ESPN
The Boys in the Hall The Boys in the Hall Fox Sports
The Winner's Circle Barbaro HBO
The Race Barbaro HBO
Night Life with Billy Martin Mickey Mantle HBO films
Sam Colt They Made America/American Experience PBS
Goal Line Stand Sony Music Library Sony
Training the Troops Washington the Warrior The History Channel
Remember Then The District WCBS

Michael Terry: Highlight TV/Film Reel

The cues on this reel were either composed by Michael or co-composed with Brian Keane. All cues were orchestrated by Michael.......... Enjoy!