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Behind Closed Eyes

Tori Letzer

 Tori has been singing professionally since the age of seven, started playing the piano at age five, and has been writing music for as long as she can remember. Tori has a unique, ethereal sound that sets her apart. Her desire to perform has led her to many roles, which include touring the US, Canada & Asia with Cirque du Soleil's “Quidam” where she played the lead vocal role of Zoe. She has also performed featured roles with The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center in NYC.

Steel and Stone


Bluegrass is one of those lost genres that you don't hear much about these days.......... Gary and Mary Beth Sippin have managed to keep it alive in CT with their band "Goldrush" This CD has some great songs, great performances, and some great productions....... all in all, a great CD. The band focuses on Bluegrass for the most part but a few country/pop renditions are thrown in the mix as well. You can purchase the CD at........... www.goldrushmusic.com

Lamone ........... new CD coming soon

Lamome has got a new CD coming out (www.lamoneonline.com) and we've got a little preview of one of the cuts we mixed here in AZ. This cut, "Coco Brown" features Lamone on vocals and Jay Rowe on keys.

Eclectically Speaking


Lamone's music features thick stacked pop harmonies against a jazz/R and B track. The lyrics and melody are fresh and tasty and Lamone's voice is like butter. This record was co- produced by  jazz pianist, Jay Rowe(www.jayrowemusic.com) from the New England area and features Najee on a few tracks. Lamone has a new CD coming out. We'll let you all know when it's released. You can hear more about Lamone at www.lamoneonline.com

A New Reason

Kelly Mittleman

Kelly Mittleman is a great singer-songwriter from the NY/CT area............ she is constantly performing in the northeast with some of the best players in the business. Check her website to purchase the cd and find out where she's singing next. This is a very cool record. www.kellysings.net

Red Shoes and Golden Hearts

Buskin and Batteau

I had the most fun in my career producing these two amazing singer-songwriters. David Buskin's and Robin Batteau's extensive list of credits goes on and on. Refer to their website to hear more of their work. www.buskinandbatteau.com. The tune showcased here is "Choose Joy", a major good karma tune.