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Five-time Emmy winning composer, producer and orchestrator Michael Terry, works with the country's most skilled professionals to offer a full service audio production and post production facility. Michael's studio, The Music Lab, services include: original music composition for film and TV, video games, production services for recording artists and songwriters, and music for corporate multimedia productions.




Michael has been scoring to film and tv since the mid 90s when he scored “ Ali, The Whole Story for TNT. Since then he has composed and orchestrated films and tv shows for HBO,ESPN,CBS,NBC, The Discovery and History Channels and The Food Network.

Boys in the Hall is a cue Michael did for composer Richard Fiocca. It was used as a main theme in the Fox Sports doc of the same name.

Boys in the Hall is a cue Michael did for composer Richard Fiocca. It was used as a main theme in the Fox Sports doc of the same name.


Another cue done for Richard Fiocca for a doc called Washington the Warrior which aired on the History Channel.


This is a cue Michael did for Brian Keane and HBO. The film was Barbaro, a doc about the famous race horse.

Another cue for Brian Keane and HBO…. after Barbaro won the race.


This is the North Woods Law Theme as heard on the Discovery Channel…. Brian Demarco on Harmonica



We have been producing publishing demos and records since the early 80s…. Send us your piano or guitar/vocal and we can discuss tempo, keys and genre. We can build an instrumental track for you to sing to as well. And most of all we can produce a great recording within your budget. Take a listen to some of our samples. All of the tracks below were produced and arranged by Michael here at The Music Lab.

Noise was written by Jesse Terry and Michael Logen. Laura Walsh is the artist and Cello performed by Larissa Maestro from Nashville.

This tune was written by Cahal Dunne and performed by the great Arnold McCuller of James Taylor’s band. Background singers are Karen Holloway, Ronda Wilson, Cee Cee King and Eric King.


This is a tune we produced here in AZ for the Phoenix based band Vinyl Station.


So, it’s the spring of 1969. I’m over at John Scofield’s house in CT and he’s playing records like “ Duster” with Gary Burton, Kinda Blue, and some Coltrane. All way over my head…. Then he puts on this record produced in London by this guy named James Taylor. 50 years later I’m finally cutting this incredible song. And I’m thinking’… not being able to escape JT’s influence over a 50 year career is not so bad.

My Roots was written by Jesse Terry and performed by Josh Roy….. Michael on keys and rhythm guitar, Todd Chuba on drums,John Willis on bass and the great Ray Herndon on lead guitars. Click below to hear “ My Roots”


Sophie Dorsten

We are proud to present Sophie Dorsten an artist fro Arizona Michael produced with Matthew Thornton. Here’s a little review of the EP Roses.

“This 16-year-old singer-songwriter has been blessed with a voice that’s nothing less than spellbinding, which she uses to brilliant effect on the emotionally vulnerable ballads that make up her latest recording, a breathtaking three-song collection called “Roses.”

Ed Masley,, January 11, 2019

Radio/TV Spots

Michael has been producing, arranging,singing and playing on Radio and TV commercials for decades. Here is a sample of his reel. Michael would like to thank the following for co producing/singing on these various spots.

Bill Holloman, Robin Batteau, Jeff Southworth, Kelly Mittleman, Jim Mola, Frank Sims, Tracey Marble, Ronda Wilson, Karen Holloway, Ivonne Aguirre, Esteban Aguirre, and Ally Rosas.

 Library Music

Library music is in high demand these days. It’s used for TV,Film, Radio, Internet, Video games and corporate videos. If you’re in need of something in particular, let us know.We also do custom tracks for singers when the karaoke tracks are in the wrong keys or not quite cutting it quality wise.

Michael did this Holiday cue as a tribute to Leroy Anderson.

Here is an orchestral track we did for our friend Cahal Dunne.

Remote production and tutorials


The idea of working on a project half in Nashville and half in New York 15 years ago was cost prohibitive and a major time suck. Today it’s as user friendly as having your favorite guitarist or singer in the room with you. Here at The Music Lab, remote work is our bread and butter. Tracking, mixing, mastering, and arranging for strings, brass and vocals is something we do everyday with artists, players and producers all around the country.Take a listen to some of our remote-friendly productions.

This is a three part choir arrangement of the classic TOTO hit “ Africa” with Melissa Cohee of Arizona doing female vocals… we did this track for

Another vocal arrangement of the Billy Joel classic for Choirplay

Here is a TV cue Michael did for the Discovery Channel featuring Bill Holloman and Jim Clark from Connecticut.

This is a string arrangement Michael did for the artist Tora Fisher…. Michael Mugrage producer in Connecticut


For all of you singers out there that want pro sounding recordings without reinventing the wheel…. We’ve got some Garageband tutorials that teach you how to set up a track and sing to an existing instrumental mix and then export the vocal track to your favorite producer who will take it from there.


About Michael


The ability to produce, engineer, arrange and be the primary talent on any given project can save enormous amounts of time, money and headaches. Producer/Musician/Vocalist Michael Terry can do just that for your project. A five-time Emmy award winning composer/orchestrator with 50 years experience in the business, Michael is an accomplished guitarist and keyboardist as well as a talented singer-songwriter, with many credits in radio, TV and commercial recordings. His ability to get your song produced quickly and efficiently and get it ready for tv/film and radio broadcast is what Michael does best. He has placed hundreds of his own vocal and instrumental pieces on tv and film.

After 20 years of performing experience in the New York City area and graduating from Berklee College of Music, Michael opened his own recording studio, The Music Lab. He has produced, engineered, and arranged hundreds of projects including, national jingles for tv and radio, tv and film scores,industrial shows, and original song productions.

As a singer/songwriter/producer Michael has produced literally thousands of publishing demos for all types of genres. His songs and his productions have been placed in dozens of TV shows, films, and signed by many publishing houses in LA, Nashville and New York. Check our song production page for some specifics.

With a lifelong desire to score for film and TV, Michael began orchestrating for various composers, which led to his own films, including " Ali, The Whole Story" for TNT, "Jones Beach, an American Riviera", for PBS, many "Intimate Portraits" for Lifetime and An American Masters feature on PBS entitled "One Bright Light" about the life of Sidney Poitier."

Today Michael continues to compose for the major networks and cable networks including CBS,NBC,ABC, ESPN, The Discovery Channel, The Food Network and The History Channel as a freelance composer/orchestrator. He also continues to produce singer-songwriters and recording artists throughout the country. Michael’s studio The Music Lab is located in Tucson,AZ in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains.

The Music Lab Playlist

by Michael Terry/Producer

Here is a compilation of various tracks that The Music Lab/Michael Terry has produced…. Enjoy!!



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